Tuesday, April 12, 2011

In the Tremonton Emergency Room

Please know, that no matter how often I may find myself in crazy and bizarre situations, most of my life is mundane and boring. I spend most of my time going to class, reading, and waiting for my laundry to dry. There’s also a fair bit of walking in between those activities, and except for the times when I walk wearing a three-cornered hat and playing colonial marching tunes on my flute, the walking is the most boring. If people only understood just how boring my life is, they wouldn’t pressure me to write more on this blog.

Speaking of boring, a few days ago I was thinking about where I was… in a chemistry class with two hundred and fifty of my closest friends… The teacher was droning on about molecular bonding orbitals forming in a benzene molecule. I was thinking about bonding and chemistry… hehehehehehehehehheheheheheheh… but not benzene. Instead I was thinking about the bonding and chemistry I had with Kate, my sister’s roommate. We’ve been on quite a few dates, and two of them were cut short by the authorities telling us that we were in an illegal location. The first time it was my idea and we won’t talk about it. The second time was the roof of the pool house in Kate’s apartment complex, and it was her idea. I won’t mention any of the things we’ve done that we didn’t get caught doing, for plausible deniability reasons. Our chemistry was like the chemistry that happens when you apply extreme heat to trinitrotoluene… hummm, does that mean that someday there will be a Fred Peace Prize? Perhaps, but I digress…

Our first date was to my second live rock band performance. Parker Abeg’s band was playing in Ogden, so we drove down to go see it. We got ice cream afterwards, and it was fun. On the way back, it was REALLY foggy and rainy. You could barely see the other cars, and you couldn’t see the road signs. After we had been driving for a while, it started to clear up, and I was wondering when we were going to get to Brigham City. The next Exit sign I saw said “Ranch Exit – No Services.”  That seemed a little odd, as I didn’t recall there being any ranch exits before Brigham City. I shrugged it off and kept driving. Kate and I were having a delightful time swapping juvenile delinquency stories, when I noticed another ranch exit sign. By the time I passed the third consecutive ranch exit announcement, I began to suspect we was in the wrong place. A sign announcing that Snowville was 6 miles away confirmed my suspicion, and we turned around. I got very confused in the darkness, and I decided to stop and ask for directions. I left the freeway at the first exit that didn’t say “No Services” and began searching for a gas station. There were none in sight, but there was a big bright sign for a hospital.

As we knocked on the door to the nurse’s station, I started thinking about where I was… in the Tremonton Emergency Room. May I say, the staff there are very helpful. I give it two thumbs up! That lady’s directions on how to get to Logan were perfect. We made it back safe and sound… except for the ringing in our ears from the concert… which was a sound, I guess. 

The moral of this story is that girl + rock concert = excitement.

Except for that bit of excitement, things in my l have been boring: full of homework, sleeping, and zombie slaying... the same-old same-old.